The Vulture was intended to be the main antagonist of Sam Rami's cancelled film Spider-Man 4. Sam Rami wanted to make a proper conclusion for the Spider-Man franchise, with one the villains he intended to use being the Vulture.

He was intended to be played by either John Malkovich or Ben Kingsley.


After Spider-Man fights some criminals, the Vulture comes in and attacks Spider-Man. As Spider-Man is fighting the Vulture, the Vulture is giving him a hard time. Spider-Man is using the environment to beat the Vulture, but then the Vulture shoots out his razor feathers on to Spider-Man, severely hurting him. Then, the "Vultress" (played by Anne Hathaway) to help out Spider-Man. Nothing is know after this scene, but there is storyboard of the Vulture fighting a helicopter.


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