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One of the few PE proposals that will probably be made on this wiki. Let's go. This is hell of villainy here.

Who is he, and what has he done?

The Boss is the villain protagonist of the semi-published 2019 video game RAPE DAY. Oh boy, did it receive a plethora of controversy. He is a man, who upon discovery of a zombie apocalypse (with the zombies raping people), garners lustful thoughts and considers going on a raping-spree. The player, by choice, can choose whether he would rape someone or not, although the game greatly encourages the player to do so, and the Boss will express great disappointment from not doing so. It's basically just him choosing not to rather than "resisting the urge".

He first is with his three co-workers. He is with two women and one man, who are watching the news coverage. He either escorts Carl to his car and murders him, or barricades the building and stays with the two women. Eventually, he will venture off with one of the women, who he repeatedly molests, puts down, and depending on player choice, rapes her repeatedly before eventually killing her. He then encounters more survivors and will choose to rape them. He will eventually die, and posthumously be satisfied, either by his suicidal and masochistic personality or by him having had raped and murdered many innocent people.

In the regard of unpublished villainy, various screenshots and admissions by the developer state that the Boss has:

  • Punted an infant like a football, drowns it, and then mutilates it. 
    • Given how necrophilia is admitted by the developer, it's easily deducable the Boss intended to commit pedophilic necrophilia here.
  • Raped a girl on front of her mother.
  • Committed incest.

Moral agency?

It's made very clear he is a sadistic, f**ked up person. He enjoys every moment of the rapes knowing he's benefitting and his victim is harmed. The screenshots are too graphic more me to put on here, but google them, and check out the subtitles. 

The Boss seems emotionless, without remorse or any feelings of wrongdoing. He constantly has a sinister smile, regardless of the situation, and even when his victims are screaming uncontrollably. 

Mitigating factors

None present. Even though the player can choose for him to not rape anyone, his personality does not change. He will still sexually harass people. Him not raping anyone, as previously mentioned, is not out of remorse or resisting urges. No. It's solely him just "not feeling like it" and choosing not to do it. Not avoiding it.

Heinous standard

No other characters in the story are genuine villains apart from the Boss. All others who could be VW standards be considered villains are merely: mentally ill scapegoats, and possessed/brainwashed villains by proxy. The Boss' crimes are by far the worst.

Final verdict

I'm gonna have to go with a yep.