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Ok so here's my first PE proposal on this wiki. Bare in mind i don't know how to put the notification on screen telling other to vote for the next one so if someone could help me with that I'd greatly appreciate it. Anyways, I give you Vlad Tepsch from the unproduced Lost Boys prequel, The Beginning. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Though if you want to read it for yourself, you'll only find it here (file:///Users/zacharycooper/Documents/The%20Lost%20Boys%20%20The%20Beginning,%20a%20lost%20boys%20fanfic%20|%20FanFiction.html).

Who is He? What has He Done?

Vlad is the brother of Max from the original film. Even before he was a vampire, he killed people by impaling  them, earning him the nickname Vlad the Impaler. Once he travels in his crate to Santa Clara, he kills the entire crew and slowly turns the Lost Boys into vampires. He later kills an employee in a hotel and assists the boys in murdering a whole gang. He manages to win them over until he has them drink his blood which they don't take too kindly to. He later kills a Barron and his girlfriend, as well as the Coachman for no reason.

Once the Boys start attacking David, who didn't drink, on a train, they come across at least 25 marines who are murdered by Vlad. He makes it clear to them that he intends to use the San Francisco coast line to populate the country with an army of Vampires. When David refuses, he bites David's girlfriend, transforming her and expecting gratitude from David, though she later kills herself as a result. David and Vlad engage in a fight during the infamous earthquake at the hotel, and he attempts to kill David for being too much trouble, but ends up getting killed himself.

Moral Agency?

Even before his brother sired him he was a serial killer. He shows he knows what's right and wrong, he hypnotizes others into thinking he won a card game when gambling, when in fact he didn't. Plus when David tries to stick a knife to the Barron i mentioned earlier, Vlad stops him, knowing it would cause a scene and kills the man himself when he leaves the hotel.

Miltigating Factors?

None. While he claims to care for the boys, he makes it clear he's only made them to be his servants and will brutally kill them if they disobey him. Everything he does is just to benefit himself. There's no bond between him and Max that is told. Max even admits that he himself did not approve of any of Vlad's plans.

Heinous Standard?

He by far has the highest body count if you consider the Boys' kills in the first film. He kills several gang members, 25 marines, all of which are described in gruesome detail. Also given he's over 5 hundred years old, the body count could be higher. And like I said, everything he does is his own doing. Not Max's.


I say he counts.