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Iceolegers were a type of Hostile Mob that was proposed to appear in the video game Minecraft. In 2020, Mojang held a contest where people could vote on a new type of mob to be added to the game: Mooblooms, Iceolegers, or Glow Squids.

Iceolegers would have been a variant of Illagers that would be found on mountains or in snow biomes. Iceolegers would attack the player by magically summoning ice blocks over their heads to drop on them.

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Hello and welcome to the Unpublished Villains Wiki! This site is dedicated to letting the world know of villains that didn't make it to the final project. This includes villains from scripts/drafts/ideas that never got published, as well original versions of villains/other characters before their final project. This wiki is not limited to including only unpublished villains that never made it on screen/page, but also those who were published in a different form of media compared to the final project-be it a comic book adaption or a behind the scenes alternate ending. We want the world to know these guys exist so come on and help edit!

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