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The Unnamed Beta Gang is the unofficial name for a criminal gang which was intended to appear in Grand Theft Auto III, the third installment of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series. They are possibly an Hispanic Street gang which operate in Liberty City. They were cut from the finished game in spite of their presence in early screenshots.

Intended Role

The Unnamed Beta Gang, as its name says, never received a proper known name as its inclusion in Grand Theft Auto III was dropped long before the game's release in spite that they were shown in early screenshots of the game. As seen in those screenshots, the members of the Unnamed Beta Gang were to wear bandanas with a flag on their heads or regular bandanas like the ones the Diablos wore, dark blue cloth-jackets, jeans shorts with green ends and a white stripe with black stars on them aside black-white sneakers. Given this, it's speculated that the Unnamed Beta Gang were an early version of the Diablos or the Triads of Liberty City, but this is beyond anyone's speculation.

In regards to weapons and vehicles, one screenshot showed the Unnamed Beta Gang members carrying a baseball bat and standing near a Hum Vee, which was the Patriot in the beta version. In regards to the locations, the Unnamed Beta Gang was supposedly intended to have Chinatown or the Red Light District as its headquarters. Once more, this is possibly a hint that the gang was a beta design in what became the current areas of the Triads and Diablos in the game.

Unfortunately, the Unnamed Beta Gang was ultimately cut from the final version of Grand Theft Auto III, with rumors saying that they were intended to be a terrorist gang, something which would have met high criticism in the aftermath of the 9/11.



  • It's widely believed that the Unnamed Beta Gang was intended to be the Zaibatsu Corporation, a crime syndicate and the main antagonistic faction of Grand Theft Auto 2. This theory is backed up by the fact that early screenshots of Grand Theft Auto III displayed the presence of Zaibatsu posters and crates in the Chinatown district, where the gang was meant to spawn. While it's unknown if this was ever the case or not, radio advertisements in the finished game and Liberty Tree articles on the game's website still reference the Zaibatsu Corporation.