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Setsuna Haichi was the female-selected protagonist of the canclled game, Love Letter: My True Feelings. She attends Saga Remedial School. If looking for the male-selected protagonist, see Setsurou Haichi.

As Love Letter will feature character customization (including gender, hair/eye color, clothing and body type), this page refers only to the Default Setsuna character. She is based on Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator.


Setsuna is a young lady with long reddish hair, secured in a ponytail behind her back. She uses a large dark pink bow to tie back her hair and pins her fringe aside with two dark pink hair clips. Her eyes are a dark pink with heart-shaped pupils. Setsuna wears a general Japanese high-schooler uniform in dark blue, including brown Japanese school shoes/loafers. White accent lines cut across the hems of her skirt, stockings and necktie. Her school uniform has been customized with the addition of her signature yellow cardigan sweater. Setsuna also wears a pink stretch wristband with tiny pink hearts on her right hand, possibly to hold a key-card or Student ID badge or a mere accessory.


she was supposed to be killing rivals and stalk the senpai but drapeis cancelled the game because of drama