Señorita Cactus was intended to be one of the three main antagonists (alongside the Prospector and Al McWhiggin) of Pixar's 3rd full-length animated feature film Toy Story 2. She was an humanoid cactus doll who was on the Woody's Roundup TV show, alongside Sheriff Woody, Bullseye and the Prospector yet she never experienced a child's love, which is what made him bad in the first place. However, when it was decided that the original storyline written by Doug Chamberlin and Chris Webb needed to be reworked, Señorita Cactus was rewritten into a minor cameo character and was replaced by Jessie in her role as one of thee Woody's Roundup gang members.


Señorita Cactus first appeared alongside the Prospector when Woody arrives at Al McWhiggin's penthouse. After Al repairs Woody, he stores him in one box of his display room and leaves, allowing Señorita Cactus and the Prospector to introduce themselves to Woody, who is searching for a way out of the penthouse. When Woody reveals that he has an owner named Andy Davis who plays with him and the Prospector tells him that his situation is ghastly, Señorita Cactus assures Woody that they are collectibles and not toys, accusing him of having been corrupted by Andy.

Señorita Cactus and the Prospector then show him the Woody's Roundup collection, causing a surprised Woody to faint. The next day, while Señorita Cactus and the Prospector play chess, Woody tries to escape through the penthouse's skylight but fails, leading Señorita Cactus to comment that Woody has guts, so the Prospector proposes her a plan to break Woody's spirit to sway Woody into staying, telling him that he's an antique that must be treasured by people. They also take the opportunity to tell Woody how Bullseye lost his owner to a hula hop to convince him that Andy will get bored from him and replace him with something new and then show him his current price on the Collectible Toy Blue Book.

With Woody convinced with stay with them, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector spend quality time with him. When a now arrogant Woody starts talking with the Prospector lounging on pillows, Señorita Cactus gives Woody a backrup before they all get back to their places when Al arrives with three New Yorker sophisticated collectors Emerson, Quentin and Theatrica. The collectors then leave after agreeing to buy the Woody's Roundup collection for the Museum of 50's Objects in New York, so the gang celebrate with Señorita Cactus dancing with Woody until Woody's friends lead by Buzz Lightyear come to his rescue. Both Señorita Cactus and the Prospector show indifference towards Buzz and the others, even asking Buzz how worth he is, leading an offended Buzz to fling a little dirt on Señorita Cactus before Woody kicks him out. Al arrives shortly afterward to pack the gang, but leaves for a moment to toast with the collectors.

Taking advantage of the moment, Buzz takes Woody out of the penthouse despite the Prospector's threats to ask Señorita Cactus to rough him up while Buzz tries to convince Woody that the collectibles will cease caring about him in the moment his blue book value drops, but Señorita Cactus and the Prospector emerge from the skylight and threaten Buzz into releasing Woody. However, once Woody's hat flies away due the wind, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector refused to help Woody in getting it back from a pole, leading Woody to finally realize how selfish and self-centered the collectibles are. Upon retrieving his hat, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector get back at being nice to Woody, but Woody firmly rejects them. Nevertheless, when Woody tries to return to convince Bullseye to accompany them to Andy's house, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector refuse to let Woody leave.

Later on, when Andy's toys steal Al's car at a Dinoco gas station and Al starts chasing them with a stolen Pizza Truck planet, Woody starts throwing memorabilia from Woody's Roundup out of the trunk to slow down Al oblivious that Señorita Cactus has ripped a hole on her box, proceeding to punch a hole on the Prospector's box, releasing him. After Woody, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector realize that Andy's toys are the ones driving the car, Señorita Cactus brandishes a metal tire pressure gauge, leading Mr. Potato Head to defend himself with a Barry Manilow CD from Al's collection as shield for a while. To force Señorita Cactus and the Prospector into surrender, Woody reveals his charred hat and tells them that he is now worthless and a toy. Furious, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector snap and try to burn Woody and the toys with the car's cigarette lighter to ensure that no kid will want to play with them ever again. However, just when Señorita Cactus and the Prospector are about to burn Woody, Bullseye comes to his rescue and kicks both villains off the car, sending Señorita Cactus and the Prospector flying through the air to the streets, where they are picked up by two kids on their bicycles. While Al tries to recover them in a tug of war with the kids, Señorita Cactus and the Prospector are taken away by the kids, never to be seen again by Woody and their friends.


  • While scrapped from the story of Toy Story 2, Señorita Cactus did appear in the finished film, but in voiceless cameo as one of the toys from Al's Toy Barn. She was later featured during the party scene of Toy Story 4 at the pinball machine when Woody and Bo Beep met Duke Caboom.
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