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Rokmutul was meant to be a main antagonist for the 2014 Godzilla film. He is a six-legged, Ankylosaurs titan that was supposed to be Godzilla's rival.


The Titan's origins are unknown but in one of the concepts he is seen rising from the water to fight Godzilla next to the golden gate bridge.

Another concept shows him causing mass destruction but then witnesses Godzilla charging towards him, preparing for battle.


  • Rokmutul bears a resemblance to Anguirus because both are ankylosaurs-lookalike kaijus with brute strength and were the rivals of Godzilla.
  • His relation to another scrapped main antagonist Pterodactyl is unknown.
  • He was ultimately reworked into the Male and Female M.U.T.Os but for unknown reasons.
  • Rokmutul was the first villain to be unpublished in Godzilla (2014), the second was Pterodactyl, the third being Vishnu and the forth being King Ghidorah (who didn't make his debut until Godzilla: King of the Monsters because his appearance in the 2014 film where he crash Landed into an icy continent of Earth would've ripped off the 2007 transformers film where another alien antagonist, Megatron would crash down to Earth).
  • Additionally by extension, the first Monsterverse villain ever to be unpublished.
  • It was unknown what role he could've played in the film but he would most likely be Godzilla's rival if he wasn't cut from the final film.