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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, or simply Oswald, is one of the main characters in the video game Epic Mickey. Although Oswald is a deuteragonist in the final version of the game, he previously had more villainous roles during the game's development.


In earlier versions of Epic Mickey, Oswald agreed to be somewhat possessed by the Shadow Blot to gain new power and get revenge on Mickey Mouse for being forgotten. Mickey would have had to try and convince Oswald to stop being the Shadow Blot's pawn and befriend the rabbit. During one point in the game, Oswald would have been spotted conspiring with Small World Pete to eliminate Mickey at Gremlin Village.

As development on the game continued, it was decided that Oswald would become a deuteragonist who was actively working against the Blot. This change was made at the suggestion of John Lasseter (former chief creative officer at Pixar) in order to avoid depicting Oswald too negatively.

Despite Oswald's new role, he still tries to hinder Mickey's progress for a portion of the game, and originally would have fought him on Mickeyjunk Mountain using a yeti mech in a attempt to scare him away. However, this boss battle was cut due to time restraints.