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Good evening, 47. Your targets are Orlando Caruso and his brother Renzo Caruso. The elder brothers of Silvio Caruso, they became the overseers for the notorious Delgado Drug Cartel following their departure from Italy. Marrakesh is quiet, although there are underlining tensions and a higher-than-usual security presense at the evening market. Specifically, ICA analysts have identified a representive of Crystal Dawn in the city. This is unlikely to be a coincidence, as the African extremist group is known for financing their operations through the drugs trade. The Delgado Cartel is not believed to be activated in Western Europe, so in addition of eliminating both targets, as per the contract, take this opportunity to discover the reason for Delgado's interest in Marrakesh. The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.
~ Diana Burwood's briefing about the Caruso Brothers

Orlando & Renzo Caruso, also known as The Brothers, were a pair of intented elusive targets for HITMAN (2016), with a full mission walkthrough and completely-voiced in-game briefing from Diana Burnwood, judging from the dummied contents, but this mission was removed from the final version.


Orlando and Renzo Caruso are the two eldest sons of the late Isabella Caruso, and the elder brothers of Silvio Caruso. After they had departured from Italy, they joined forces with the Delgado Drug Cartel and became their overseers, and were responsible for the drug trades and illicit transport of the cartel.

Prior to their assassination by 47, the Caruso Brothers arrived in Marrakesh, Morroco, in order to have an appointment with a representive from the Crystal Dawn, a Pan-Africa terrorist group, to gain profits by selling them weapons.



  • The circumstances of their removal is unknown, but presumably due to the mission's low difficulty. Most likely, it was replaced by the formally published "The Twin" mission, which also involved a pair of brothers, one was a target and the other must never be harmed in any way.
  • Neither of these two targets had their mugshots available unless it is reactivated through HITMAN III.
  • This mission can be reactivated through using the game's MODs.