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Nelson Deavor was the main antagonist in early versions of the 2018 animated Pixar film Incredibles 2, the sequel to The Incredibles. He was to be the criminal mastermind behind the Screenslaver plot to prevent the Supers from becoming legal again. Nelson was ultimately dropped from the story when the crew thought that having a female villain would be better, replacing him with Evelyn Deavor.


While development on Incredibles 2 was underway, Nelson Deavor was conceived as the main antagonist of the so much anticipated sequel to The Incredibles. According to Brad Bird, Nelson was intended to be Winston Deavor's brother and the true mastermind behind the Screenslaver's plot to prevent the Supers from becoming legal again, becoming Elastigirl's archnemesis in the process.

However, while Nelson was possibly popular among the crew, it was later thought about having a female villain in the film as no previous Pixar films had had a female antagonist. As a result, Nelson ended up being dropped from the story and his original role as main antagonist was given instead to Evelyn Deavor, Winston's sister. Additionally, Nelson's design was recycled for He-Lectrix, an aspirant Super wannabe seen in the finished film.


  • It's exactly unknown whether Evelyn Deavor, Winston's sister and the main antagonist in the finished film, existed as well in the early versions of Incredibles 2 back when Nelson was slated to be main antagonist or if Winston and Nelson didn't have any sister.