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Hurry! I'm, like, dying of smoke deprivation right now!
~ Musume's task

Musume Ronshaku is a minor antagonist from the unfinished video game Yandere Simulator. She is the leader of the bullies and the daughter of Mr. Ronshaku.

She is voiced by Hayden Daviau, and later Lizzy Hofe


Musume is the leader of the school's popular girls who have been looking forward to newest target of bullying, once they found a prey they will wrote awful things on their desks.

During lunchtime, Musume will use dirty sponges for board and constantly hit the student's head with it, laughing alongside her friends.

Musume alongside her friends could be used as weapons against rivals as their bullying (especially Hoshiko's) will caused them to commit suicide or leave school, depending on Ayano's gossip.

Her father is the businessmen who's one of clients is Kokona's father, in order for Ayano to help Kokona, she has to kidnap Musume as a way to blackmail her father into freeing his clients free.

Her usual routine involves either going out with her friends or keeping intention to her phone.


Musume present herself as a sweet and innocent person who loves chatting with her friends or pretends to like the popular person, but she is an abusive and cruel toward any target (including Raibaru) with no fear for the consequences, except the death.

However, despite her cruelty Musume has redeeming quilites and lines she wouldn't cross, this includes where she represented a fear toward student being murdered, and while Mustumi lacks empathy for others she truly cares for her group of friends and remains loyal to them even if their reputation is ruined. Mutsumi will also be loyal and friendly with Ayano if the latter one does her a favor, it will unlock Musume's trust and asking favor option will be available, interestingly enough Mutsumi will feel love toward Gema Taku once he changes his behaviour along appearance to becomes more of a dream man popular girls would like

Confirmed by Yandere Dev, when Hoshiko Mizudori (youngest member of the bullies) gets an idea to burn or torture students, Musume and the rest of the gang stops her from it as they believe she went too far with it


  • By YandereDev's mistake, Musume alongside other gals would betray their member if one of reputation is lowered.
    • In old versions of the game Mutsumi was just a friendly girl who seeks not to Bully and rather get along with other students.
    • Originally, it was believed that Mutsumi is the main enforce for the student's suicide, however it turned out to be Hoshiko.
    • Her mother is presumably dead.
    • She pretends to be a smoker, but it's obvious of her
    • faiactng it.
    • Mutsumi's original name was Musume, however Yandere Dev decided to change into Mutsumi while keeping Musume as a nickname.
    • Her skin color is actually white, however she uses tan and sunbathing in order to keep herself black skinned.