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Hurry! I'm, like, dying of smoke deprivation right now!
~ Musume's task

Musume Ronshaku is a minor antagonist from the unfinished video game Yandere Simulator. She is a Bully and the daughter of Mr. Ronshaku.

She is voiced by Hayden Daviau, and later Lizzy Hofe


If player kidnaps Musume, Ayano Aishi convinces Kokona to come to an building, where Musume is tied up to a chair.forcing the company to release its clients from debt. Kokona's desire to kill, but Musume says bad thing about her father and psychologically abuses her. upon recognizing Kokona's voice. Kokona gets psychotic breakdown, and she beats Musume to death with a bat.

Kokona gets arrested by the police after she got back-stabbed by Ayano and framed her for the murder.


Musume present herself as a sweet and innocent person but on the inside she's a abusive cruelest coward who have no feelings of empathy for other students.

She bullies other students who can't defend their selves such as Kokona Haruka