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Motos are unreleased robot-like enemies that existed in the beta version of the video game Super Mario 64. They are similar to Chuckyas, Bob-ombs and Bullies in the games final release.


Motos have metallic heads and spherical iron body, with yellow arms and hands that are divided into two gray claws. They also have yellow legs and grey feet.


Motos attack Mario by first running towards him, picking him up, and then running to a nearby ledge to throw him into lava. However, because their coding is incomplete, the player is unable to fight back against Motos, making them indestructible. Modders have managed to add additional coding which allow the player to defeat Motos by lifting them from behind and throwing them into lava, which will produce a single Blue Coin as a reward. They were apparently meant to appear in the stage "Lethal Lava Land" and came in big and small sizes, similar to Bullies. Also like Bullies, Motos have a unused 3D model that was switched out in favor of using 2D sprites, likely to save memory.


  • It is likely Motos were either replaced by Bullies or an earlier design for Bullies.