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"When my ... that is our Morganite found out we were replaced"
~ Rhodonite mentioning Morganite in "Off Colors".

Morganite was destined to be a central antagonist in Steven Universe Future. She would have been the previous owner of Rhodonite and would make her debut in a Double Length special.


Peridot would invent a device that will allow the gems how many times they have been rejuvenated and make known those past lives that they do not remember, many gems prove Peridot's invention the vast majority had not been rejuvenated while others had one or two lives that did not they remembered.

The surprise came with Rhodonite who had been rejuvenated 17 times it turns out that when they were under the power of Morganite her components Pearl and Ruby developed feelings for each other. Mergers of different types were very frowned upon at Homeworld so Morganite decided to rejuvenate them. However, the love story was repeated over and over again and despite not remembering anything at all, their past lives each time they were rejuvenated, they always fell in love with each other.

Already when Perla and Ruby had been rejuvenated for the seventeenth time they escaped and Morganite replaced them with a new Ruby and a new Pearl, it is unknown how the chapter would end although it is likely that Rhodonite would reform with a new appearance after remembering all its past.


"Morganite is a small gem, artist and designer of the Diamond Palanquins with its design inspired by the brush of a paintbrush"

Brief description of Morganite in the Art Book Steven Universe: End of an Era

Morganite's design would be inspired by the brush of a brush, with a Kimono with totally straight hair attire and two small pigtails in the front tied with pale lilac bows and a fringe that would cover her forehead, it would be small with the pale pink complexion.


  • The main reason why Morganite was discarded from Steven Universe: Future was due to the limited time that the Steven Universe: Future series had and according to Rebecca Sugar the history of Morganite and Rhodonite should be explored in more than one chapter
  • According to the production team, the idea was so good that they decided to make a double-duration special focused purely on Morganite.