Miss Guffin was intended to be the secondary antagonist of DreamWorks' 33th full-length animated feature film Trolls. She would have been Princess Poppy's mentor and former nanny, who would ultimately betray her and her friends after they get captured by Chef to be eaten by the Bergens, leading Miss Guffin to decide that she must save herself at all cost. She was replaced by Creek in the final project.


Prior to the events of the film, Miss Guffin had served as Princess Poppy's nanny back when she was little. Now an elder troll who mentors the princess, Miss Guffin gets kidnapped alongside Poppy and her friends by Chef, who plans to cook them for the Bergends at Bergen Town so they can eat the trolls and feel happiness.

Eventually, instead of helping her friends, Miss Guffin resolves to betray Poppy and the other trolls to save herself and becomes Chef's sidekick so she would be spared. Of course, such decision horrifies Poppy and her friends, who can't believe that Miss Guffin turned on them to save her own skin.

It's completely unknown what was going to happen to Miss Guffin at the end of the story, but it's likely that Miss Guffin would have left the story much like Creek, who replaced her in the final product.


  • The reason why Miss Guffin was deleted from the finished film was due to her being so appealing and funny, that nobody could recover when she turned evil. Others may assume that it could have looked very cruel for Miss Guffin to betray Princess Poppy in spite of their history together.
  • Although Miss Guffin was deleted from the finished film, her design was later used for Grandma Rosiepuff, Branch's grandmother.
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