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Milo is the secondary antagonist in the 1991 film The Last Boy Scout.

He is portrayed by the late Taylor Negron in the final project.


While Milo was a sadistic killer who serves as the personal henchman to Sheldon Marcone in the movie, in another script, he was an even nastier villain than he is in the film. In the other script, besides being a hit man for Marcone, he also had a job as director of snuff films in which his men would kill kidnapped women in very violent ways. There was also a scene in the script where he brutally kills an entire family who accidentally showed up near the place where a meeting between his and Baynard’s men took place.

Also, when Marcone wants Baynard dead, Milo kidnaps Joe Hallenbeck and his wife Sarah-threatening to kill her in one of his snuff films if he doesn't kill the senator himself, while forcing him to watch Milo and his men molest her. However he has full intent of burning Joe alive after his has done his bidding.

Milo and his men chased Joe and Jimmy in a boat through the fog until their boat and a helicopter crash into each other. A shootout and fight scene occurs between Joe and Marcone’s men in Joe’s house, as well as another shootout in Marcone’s mansion in which Joe sneaks in after killing several guards. Joe and Jimmy save Sarah from being killed with a chainsaw in one of Milo’s snuff films, and a different final showdown occurs between Joe and Milo which took place outside Joe’ office. He also makes an attempt on Joe's daughter's life in the process of trying to kill Joe. After he chases and tries to shoot Joe while on foot, Milo gets killed by Sarah who shoots him with Joe’s gun.


  • He was planned to be nastier in the original script, but it was eventually scrapped and he was instead just Marcone's assassin.

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