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Sartana rivera, the twin of marissa, and police ooficer of inmmigration llooking how her sister is having sex.

Marissa Rivera is a deleted minor antagonist of the 2010 exploitation film Machete, played by Jessica Alba who also played her twin sister Sartana Rivera.

She is, in simple terms, an asholle. Marissa hates her sister, Sartana, because is an officer of inmigration. However, Marissa lives with her in the same house.

One night, Marissa have an encounter with a man who seduce her ansd later they go to her house. However, the man was in reality an spy send by the senator, with orders to seduce Sartana and get the information she had about machete.

However, while in shower, Sartana discover the trap by a message of an ally and use this as an advantage. She catch the couple, then the man knocked up Marissa. Then, he forced Sartana to loose the rop and have sex with him. However, unarmed and nearly nude, Sartana used her sensuality to distract the man and tied him to the bed. Sartana save her sister. Later, the police captured the male spy and take him under custody



Deleted Scene with Jessica Alba

Sexy Sartana in Rop