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Lord Malefactor was a supporting antagonist of Underfist: The Series, the cancelled spin-off show of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy series, and was going to be the main antagonist of the 2010 cancelled movie Underfist Against the Astrovampires.

Lord Malefactor would have been the leader of the Astrovampires from Planet Vampire, capable of adopting any forms. A criminal genius, Lord Malefactor would act behind the scenes on all his schemes. He was going to be Irwin's archenemy.


After finishing The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Maxwell Atoms started to work on Underfist: The Series, a new television show for Cartoon Network. Planning it as an spin-off of the series, featuring Irwin, Hoss Delgado Jeff the Spider, Fred Fredburger and General Skarr in the lead roles, Atoms decided to make a pilot movie entitled Underfirst: Halloween Bash. With the movie's Halloween 2008 release date still waiting, Atoms began to plan the characters for his newest show, and among them, he created the rogues whom the Underfist superhero team would have to face. One of them was going to be Lord Malefactor, and as a result, was included making a cameo in the pilot movie's end credits.

According to Atoms' notes, Lord Malefactor would have been the leader of the Astrovampires from Planet Vampire. A criminal mastermind whose schemes involve taking over the Earth starting from New Jersey, Lord Malefactor acts behind the scenes while he sends his Astrovampires to do his bidding. Lord Malefactor is also capable of shape-shifting, so no one knows his true form, as he could transform himself into one of his Astrovampires, a member of the Underfist or even one's mother. In addition, Lord Malefactor seemed to have some kind of connection to the Underworld portals seen in Underfirst: Halloween Bash. Given that Irwin is half vampire, it's evident that Lord Malefactor was going to be Irwin's archenemy.

Aside his role as supporting antagonist in Underfist: The Series, Lord Malefactor was going to be the main antagonist of the 2010 planned movie Underfist Against the Astrovampires, the sequel to the also planned Underfist versus the Dinosaur. Judging from the scenes seen in the pilot movie's credits, Lord Malefactor would have forcefully grabbed Irwin with one of his fists, further cementing the idea that he would be Irwin's nemesis. According to Atoms, the film's plot had Lord Malefactor getting involved in Underfist's mission to discover more about Dracula's supernatural origins while also meeting Neftis, Anubis' granddaughter.

Unfortunately, despite all his plans for the show, Maxwell Atoms was ultimately unable to carry them out because his contract with Cartoon Network expired in 2008, aside that Stuart Snyder, the network's newest president, desired to have more live-action shows in Cartoon and no spin-offs, leading to what eventually became known as Cartoon Network's Dark Age. This consequently led Underfirst: The Series to be cancelled and left Underfist: Halloween Bash as the finale of the Grim & Evil franchise.


  • Judging from his tendency of working behind the scenes while letting his henchmen do the hard work themselves, it's possible that Lord Malefactor was inspired by Doctor Claw, the main antagonist of the Inspector Gadget franchise.
  • If he was responsible for the Underworld portals, this would have made Lord Malefactor the unseen overarching antagonist of Underfist: Halloween Bash, as it was thanks to the portals that Bun Bun was able to travel to the Earth and nearly succeeded in taking it over.