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Arthur Fleck also known as Joker is the main protagonist in the 2019 thriller-tragedy film containing the same name as the character.

He was what the final result of Arthur Fleck would have resulted like in Tod Philips' film Joker. Having alternate clips or written to have originally had a different outcome than the final result itself. Being a heavier key to the film's main plot.


Most of what happened occurred like within the final result of the film. Except there are some noticable deleted scenes.

Such as when Arthur gets kicked out of a press during a protest, Arthur being told by Randall about Clown masks being made since his three killings, and Arthur reacting arrogant towards Randall (which did too much foreshadowing upon his murder on Randall), and him looking at his mother (Penny Fleck's) grave, and footage of Sophie watching Murray Franklin show. As well as one alternate plot that was scrapped of him directly killing Thomas and Martha Wayne and eventually Bruce.

Most of these ideas made the story less mysterious and foreshadowed Arthur's character development when becoming the Joker or notably interfered with the universe with the idea that he would kill Batman who is the story's future Batman and would make Arthur Fleck less sympathetic than how he is on the final result of the film.


  • The final cut main story version was originally going to have Fleck kill directly Thomas and Martha Wayne (similar to Jack Nicolson's portrayal of Jack Napier "Joker") as well as Bruce Wayne (similar to Joe Chill in Flashpoint Paradox). Although, this was scrapped due to how it would interfere with Bruce becoming Gotham's Dark Knight; Batman.