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John Doe is the main antagonist of the 1995 thriller film, Se7en.

He was portrayed by Kevin Spacey.

Alternate Endings

The final ending invovlded Det. William Somerset finding the head of his partner's, Det. David Mills' wife, Tracy, in a box where John had it mailed to them as he lead them into the dessert-revealing that John Doe had raped and killed her out of Envy for Mills' life. This was all part of John's plan for Mills to kill him to complete the last deadly sin, being Wrath. Mills shoots John to death, despite Somerset's objections, and is arrested. Due to the dark nature of this ending, 6 other endings were considered for the film before director David Finch and Brad Pitt made sure this ending was what made it to the final project:

  • Somerset points his gun at John Doe before Mills can kill him, claiming his "retirement" before he shoots John to death so Mills will not be arrested for killing him.
  • Once again Somerset tries to kill John before Mills can, but Mills shoots Somerset so he can complete his revenge and shoots John to death. After Somerset is taken to the hospital for his wounds, Mills sends him a letter saying "You were right. You were right about everything".
  • John Doe kidnaps Tracy and Mills and Somserset have to race against time to save her.
  • A shoot out takes place between the two detectives and John Doe in an abandoned church on fire. John overpowers Mills by cutting a cross into Mill's chest, strings him up at the altar and shoots him death out of envy for his life. Somerset then shoots John to death in revenge for Mills' death and leaves John's body to burn alongside a tableau of the seven deadly sins.
  • The head inside the box is of Mills' dog instead of Tracy's.
  • After Mills shoots John to death, the screen immediately goes to black. This was the ending director David Fincher had preferred, but didn't go with in the end.

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