You could defeat it by making use of its weakness, fire. You were meant to fight it by riding Agro, as with Colossus 10.
~ Excerpt about the Griffin from Shadow of the Colossus Official Artbook and Guidebook

The Griffin, nicknamed Kyos by fans, was a boss intended to appear in the 2005 video game Shadow of the Colossus.


Like the other colossi in the game, the Griffin would have been created by Lord Emon to contain the fragmented essence of the defeated evil Dormin. He set them all to wander the Forbidden Lands, destroying anyone that comes their way, so that Dormin could never be resurrected. When a young man named Wander trespasses in the Forbidden Lands and asks the disembodied spirit of Dormin to resurrect his deceased lover Mono, Dormin agrees under the condition that Wander kills all of the colossi (tricking Wander into releasing his essence so he may be reborn). Wander agrees, and sets off. The Griffin would have likely been found on a mountain in Quadrant I7.

The Griffin would have been a large, quadrupedal colossus that would gallop around an area. The player would have to ride after it on the horse Agro, and would have somehow used fire to scare it or weaken it. Upon navigating past its joints and decorative "wings", the player would climb onto the Griffon's back and attempted to stab the sigil until it died, all while the Griffon bucked and galloped.

Once the Griffon was dead, the fragmental part of Dormin will bring Wander back to the Shrine of Worship, where he will be prepared to face his next foe.

Though it is currently unknown why the Griffin was cut from the game, unconfirmed information states that it was too easy to fall off of the colossus when it bucked and galloped, and that trying to get on it and falling off over and over was frustrating and repetitive.


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