Cuphead isn't only limited to fighting on the ground. One of the larger than life bosses. Such as a dapper gentleman with a vicious tongue that can only be tackled on the skies.
~ Game On! 2018 about the Giant Spider

The Giant Spider, also known as the Flying Gentleman, was intended to be a boss in the 2017 video game Cuphead. He was a large grey spider in a suit and top hat that was intended to be one of the debtors that sold his soul to The Devil, and tries to kill Cuphead and Mugman when they come to collect.


Little is known about the Giant Spider, other than his level would have been an aerial/airplane one, and that he would have attacked with his tongue and legs. It is unknown how many phases he would have had or what his defeat would have been like. Despite being cut, the Giant Spider was featured in the book Game On! 2018.


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