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Evil Ant: My fellow evil clones, we stand at the dawn of a new age.
Evil Dec: No longer shall we, lurk in the shadows, locked in servitude, unpaid, unloved!
Evil Ant: This hugely expensive lair was just the beginning. Now it’s time for Phase 2… revenge on our former masters!
Evil Dec: The time has come to kill… us!
~ Evil Ant and Dec’s speech to the evil clones.

Evil Ant & Dec are the titular main antagonists of the Double Trouble saga of the Ant and Dec Mysteries series.

They are evil counterparts of Ant & Dec who seek vengeance on them for overworking them.

They are portrayed by Declan Donnelly and Anthony McPartlin, who also played their good counterparts in the same show.


Episode 1

Evil Ant & Dec first appears in a bank, along with other evil clones. They demand that everyone puts their hands in the air, before an unnamed woman says that she “wants to get out of here”, to which they respond by saying that’s their line. A bunch of hijinks ensue, but they manage to succeed in the heist, and the clones escape.


  • Evil Ant & Dec are the only villains in the Ant and Dec Mysteries who have canonically died.


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