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Hello. My name is Esther.
~ Esther Coleman
Leena Klammer, mostly known as Esther Coleman, is the main antagonist of the 2009 horror film Orphan. Although she is completely insane and irredeemable in the final product as well the film's alternate ending, the original script painted her in a more sympathetic light.

She was portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman in the final project.


Original script

On April 20, 1976, Leena Klammer was born in Estonia. Unfortunately, she suffered from a form of dwarfism called hypopituitarism that caused her to stay in the appearance of a young child for her entire life. When she as little, her mother died of AIDS. She spent most of her childhood being raped and sexually abused by her father, rendering her infertile. When her father found a lover, the said lover taunted Esther about her condition, which caused the girl to kill both her father and his lover out of anger.

Consequently, Esther was sent to a mental institution called Saarne, where she used to be put into a straitjacket, which left her with scars for being too violent. She then escaped from the institution and became a prostitute who would have sex with wealthy pedophilic whoremongers. The authorities found out about this and arrested her, but fortunately for her, she managed to evade imprisonment by pretending to be a child. The police, falling for the act, delivered her to an orphanage.

Because of all the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father along with her dwarfism, she became desperate to find love and ended up trying to seduce her adoptive fathers, and this was where the plot of the film unfolds.

Alternate ending

In the alternate ending, after surviving her injuries from being crushed by Kate, Esther puts on make-up, dons a pink dress, and walks downstairs casually saying to the cops, “Hi, I’m Esther!”. It can be assumed that Esther was arrested afterwards now that her crimes have been exposed by Kate and will be sentenced to life imprisonment for her serial killing.



  • In the original script, due to all the abuse inflicted on her by her father, she is more sympathetic and tragic. In the alternate ending, however, she is just as vile as the film version and is thus Pure Evil.

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