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Dr. Crabblesnitch was intended to be the main antagonist of the 2006 video game Bully. He would have been the head of Bullworth Academy and Jimmy Hopkins' archenemy. This was later changed in a rewrite when Rockstar Games considered that Gary Smith would serve better as main antagonist in the final product, where Dr. Crabblesnitch serves as a stern yet decent person.

He was voiced and mo-capped by Ralph Gunderman in the finished project.


In the original plot of Bully, Dr. Crabblesnitch was going to be the Headmaster of Bullworth Academy just like in the finished game. However, unlike the finished game, Crabblesnitch was going to be the game's main antagonist. As the school's corrupt principal, Crabblesnith abused his authority to punish students whenver he liked and whether there were any reasons or not, being willing to do whatever he felt necessary to keep his job and make a perfect school, even if that meant ignoring bullying.

As main antagonist, Crabblesnitch would have become Jimmy Hopkins' archenemy and would have surely take any chances to get him expelled. It's unknown what was going to become of Crabblesnitch at the end of the game, but given his corrupt nature in those early versions, it's fair to assume that Jimmy would have exposed him and get him fired from his job, bringing his reign of terror over Bullworth to an end.

However, Rockstar Games ultimately decided that Gary Smith would serve better as the main antagonist, possibly due his status as an student opening many possibilities for Jimmy to physically face him. This resulted in Rockstar rewriting Gary as the main antagonist while relegating Dr. Crabblesnitch into an antagonistic but ultimately decent character who sees the error of his ways at the end of the game.

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