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Partners in Crime are usually a duo or trio of bad guys who work together, causing evil. Many duos/trios are henchmen to the main villain and are sometimes bumbling. They sometimes don't get along and hate each other, but still work together regardless. Trios are also acceptable. This category has its own template infobox.

However, a partner in crime can be betrayed or used as a pawn by their own villainous partner if the former partner has bigger plans and may end up disposing them either after their usefulness has expired or even consider them as the weakest link, often in the most violent fashion, be it physically or verbally.

Note: Add only duos or trios to this category. Individual villains do not count. If the pair has permanently broken up or betrays one another with no chance of a reunification, this category cannot be added. In addition, if there are more than three characters paired up at once, they should go under Teams instead.

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