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Caitlyn Connor is a minor antagonist in the 2019 superhero horror film Brightburn. She is a teenage girl who lives in Brightburn, Kansas and becomes the object of affection of the titular protagonist, much to her disgust. She was originally intended to appear in a proposed alternate ending of the film to tease a sequel before the idea was dropped.

She was portrayed by Emmie Hunter in the finished project.



Caitlyn Connor starts out as an average high school student of Brightburn, Kansas, where Brandon Breyer lives. Unlike some of her classmates, Caitlyn is kind with Brandon and tells him that he is special, leading the boy to become obsessed with her and stalking her. Disgusted by Brandon's stalking, Caitlyn inadvertently humiliates him during gym class, leading Brandon to crush her hand in revenge. Though Caitlyn's mother Erica demands Brandon to be expelled and arrested, the principal just suspends him for two days, but warns Caitlyn to not approach Brandon anymore.

Feeling bad for what he did, Brandon later gives some flowers to Caitlyn, who is doing her homework with a cast. Caitlyn tells Brandon about what her mother told her, leading Brandon to leave her the flowers and promising to take care of her mother. Secretly, Brandon uses his superpowers to attack Erica and kill her at the diner where she works. Caitlyn is left horrified when the police tell her the following day about what happened with her mother. This is the last time we see Caitlyn in the film.

Alternate ending

An alternate ending was originally considered for the film, which would have featured Caitlyn constructing a cybernetic arm for herself to replace her injured limb. Caitlyn is seen finishing it as a news broadcast in television reports about the plane crash that Brandon, now known as Brightburn, has caused. Judging by her pissed off look, the ending implies that Caitlyn is planning to get her revenge on Brandon for what he did to her mother and to prevent him from taking the world. This ending would have been used to tease a possible sequel for the film.


  • If a sequel to Brightburn gets made, it's possible that the scene in which Caitlyn's cybernetic arm is revealed could be reused there or at the very least Caitlyn could still be featured with her new arm to become Brightburn's archenemy, given that we never see her in the film after the police tell her about Erica's death.
  • As Brightburn was intended to be an expy of Superman, it's possible that by having a cybernetic arm, Caitlyn was intended to be an expy of Metallo.

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