Boss (Rape Day)

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The Boss, controlled by the player, is the protagonist villain of the semi-published 2019 video game Rape Day (stylized as RAPE DAY). He is described as a "menacing serial killer rapist" who seeks to "verbally harass, kill, and rape women" as the player progresses throught the story. Although the player may choose to not have him rape or murder anyone, the game still encourages it greatly.

Rape Day is an extremely controversial 2019 indie video game that was announced on March of 2019 by Desk Plant. It was major news in the gaming community, and in countries where such material has unclear legality. People, including gamers, feminists, parents, and activists urgently called for the video game to be pulled. The game was pulled by Steam amidst the controversy. As the game was pulled, the developer, Desk Plant, published most of the video game online on torrent sites, although not all of it.  

Unpublished Villainous Acts

  • The developer admitted to having had considered a scene where Boss punts an infant, and drowning it, and mutilating it.
  • Necrophilia and incest was also announced for the game, but no scenes in the published version explicitly depict such.
  • Various imagery from media outlets and developer screenshots depicts the Boss too committing villainous deeds that were not in the published version.
    • The Boss is shown in several screenshots to be in the grasp of a young woman on front of her mother in a dilapidated room with tile walls, with other screenshots in the same room showing Boss raping the two of them.
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