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Pixarfan1234 Pixarfan1234 11 April 2021

Pure Evil Proposal: Dr. Octopus (Amazing Spider-Man)

Hi guys! This is my first Pure Evil Proposal here and I want to talk about a certain villain from the Spider-Man trilogy. Who is it? Dr. Octopus from Spider-Man 2! The film had an earlier script that gives the main characters different motivations and personality and Dr. Octavius got MUCH more evil...

  • 1 Who is Dr. Octopus and what does he do?
  • 2 Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors
  • 3 Heinous Standard
  • 4 Final Verdict

Introduced as an isolated and obsessed, but seemingly kind-hearted scientist, Octavius is introduced to young Peter Parker by Dr. Curt Connors, and Octavius immediately recognizes Peter as the son of his former lab partners, Richard and Mary Parker. AKA, Peter's parents who he lost when he was 6.

Revealing past details of their lives to Pe…

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Accin Accin 13 December 2020

Pure Evil Proposal: Woody Black Friday Reel

Hi guys this is my first pure evil proposal on this wiki and is for somebody I feel is absolutely pure evil. May I introduce Woody from the Black Friday Reel who also has one of the wiki's best articles.

  • 1 Who Is He And What Has He Done?
  • 2 Moral Agency?
  • 3 Miltigating Factors?
  • 4 Heinous Standard?
  • 5 Final Verdict

Woody is like his original counterpart Andy's favorite toy and viewed as the leader of their crew by all of Andy's other toys. Although when Buzz came and replaced Woody as Andy's favorite toy he reacted a lot more differentely than the woody we know and love. He proceeded to shake Buzz's hand and then threw him out of the window in an attempt to kill him.

In the aftermath of that event Bo Peep points out that Buzz falling out of the window was…

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BeholderofStuff BeholderofStuff 8 August 2020

Amatuer Script Characters

So I was wondering, do you guys think we should include characters from Amateur Scripts? In other words, scripts that never got published into film or anything? Like this (https://www.wattpad.com/802554499-extreme-prejudice-2019-extreme-prejudice) for example? Or are they better off on Villains Wiki?

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Robbtff Robbtff 11 January 2020

PE Proposal: The Boss (Rape Day)

One of the few PE proposals that will probably be made on this wiki. Let's go. This is hell of villainy here.

  • 1 Who is he, and what has he done?
  • 2 Moral agency?
  • 3 Mitigating factors
  • 4 Heinous standard
  • 5 Final verdict

The Boss is the villain protagonist of the semi-published 2019 video game RAPE DAY. Oh boy, did it receive a plethora of controversy. He is a man, who upon discovery of a zombie apocalypse (with the zombies raping people), garners lustful thoughts and considers going on a raping-spree. The player, by choice, can choose whether he would rape someone or not, although the game greatly encourages the player to do so, and the Boss will express great disappointment from not doing so. It's basically just him choosing not to rather than "resistin…

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BeholderofStuff BeholderofStuff 8 September 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Vlad Tepsch

Ok so here's my first PE proposal on this wiki. Bare in mind i don't know how to put the notification on screen telling other to vote for the next one so if someone could help me with that I'd greatly appreciate it. Anyways, I give you Vlad Tepsch from the unproduced Lost Boys prequel, The Beginning. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Though if you want to read it for yourself, you'll only find it here (file:///Users/zacharycooper/Documents/The%20Lost%20Boys%20%20The%20Beginning,%20a%20lost%20boys%20fanfic%20|%20FanFiction.html).

  • 1 Who is He? What has He Done?
  • 2 Moral Agency?
  • 3 Miltigating Factors?
  • 4 Heinous Standard?
  • 5 Conclusion

Vlad is the brother of Max from the original film. Even before he was a vampire, he killed people by impaling  them, earning him the n…

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