Berkserk-O! was the main antagonist in early versions of Space Jam 2, the sequel to the cult classic Space Jam. He would have been an alien who despised the Looney Tunes and would have challenged them to team up with Michael Jordan again so they could defeat him and his minions in a basketball match.

He was intended to be voiced by the legendary Mel Brooks.


Following the successful release of Space Jam in 1996, which revitalized the interest on the Looney Tunes and revived Michael Jordan's basketball career, Warner Bros. concluded that a sequel was inevitable. Though Warner had doubts regarding Michael Jordan's availability for the project, a producer said that Jordan had signed on to star in a sequel. That said, Warner started development for Space Jam 2 in 1997 and several cartoonist were hired to start designing the characters.

The Ren and Stimpy Show cartoonist Bob Camp was approached by Tony Cervone and Spike Brandt to work on Space Jam 2, having previously declined to work on the original. Once hired, Camp was tasked by Cervone to design Berserk-O!, the main antagonist of the sequel, and his henchmen O!-Yes and O!-No. Camp did it, despite not knowing from what the story was about, as the screenplay had yet to be written. According to Camp, he didn't even know why Berserk-O! despised the Looney Tunes, but it can be concluded that Berserk-O! would challenge them into a basketball match, leading the gang to team up with Michael Jordan once again to defeat their new opponent. Warner Bros. also intended to have the legendary Mel Brooks cast as the voice of Berserk-O!, hence why Camp designed him to resemble Brooks, studying freeze-framed shots from at least five of Brooks' films.

Unfortunately, the development of Space Jam 2 was halted when Warner Bros. realized that Michael Jordan hadn't really signed to star in a Space Jam sequel; the producer who assured them about his availability had lied to keep development going. As a result, Warner shut down the project and moved on to produce Looney Tunes: Back in Action, which was released in 2003. More recently, the Space Jam 2 project was revived and has finished filming, with a July 2021 release date currently planned. However, given that LeBron James is the film's new lead and not Jordan, who has since long retired, it's likely that Berserk-O! will not be making an appearance in the film.


  • According to Bob Camp, he drew Berserk-O! with a third, enlarged eye on his forehead as an homage to the trademark flying eyeball from Hot Rod artist Von Dutch, which Camp thought that it would be a cool idea as Berserk-O! was an alien.
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