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Beetrice Lutz, nicknamed Betty Beet by fans, was intended to be a character in the 2017 video game Cuphead. She was intended to be a part of the Root Pack, a group debtors that sold their souls to The Devil, and try to kill Cuphead and Mugman when they come to collect.


Betty Beet would have been one of the members of the Root Pack, and would have fought off Cuphead and Mugman either alongside another member or in her own phase. In the fight, she would have sprouted from the ground, moved around, and sadly and reluctantly thrown her infant beet children at Cuphead and Mugman as projectiles, killing them in the process. After defeating her and the Root Pack, the player would have gotten their soul contract.

The character was cut for unknown reasons, but likely for time or because her actions were too sad/morbid. He name was revealed in the Art of Cuphead book.