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Ayano Aishi, also known as Yandere-chan, is the main protagonist of the unfinished video game Yandere Simulator. She is a high school girl who is hopelessly obsessed with her classmate Taro Yamada, who she refers to as her "Senpai", and wants to win his affections by violently removing all of her competition.

She is voiced by Michaela Laws, and her evil laugh is provided by YouTuber Moesaurus.


Ayano describes her life as feeling empty and hollow before meeting Taro. Ayano is convinced that the only way to fix her depression is to confess her love to Taro, but she is too shy. She later learned from her mother Ryoba Aishi that her relationship with Ayano's father was very similar to Ayano and Taro's, and Ryoba convinces Ayano that she must eliminate her competition in order to win her Senpai's affections.

However, Ayano is horrified to learn that her classmate Osana Najimi also has feelings for Taro, and plans to confess to him. Ayano is contacted by a mysterious individual known as Info-chan, who wants to ruin Osana's life, and together Ayano and Info-chan begin working on how to remove Osana and all other rivals from Ayano's way, including blackmail, kidnapping, incrimination, driving them to suicide, or murdering them outright.

The game remained in development for years, with no signs of being finished. After a series of unfortunate events, including a breakup between developer "YandereDev" and publisher tinyGame, the game's ban from Twitch, issues with YandereDev's mental health, and the trend of "cancel culture" finding the game's content offensive, the game is not likely to ever be completed.


  • Ayano's birthday is April 1st.
  • Ayano appeared as a guest character in the video games Crush Crush, Go All Out!, and Project QT.
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