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Ace Woody is a supporting antagonist of the original script for Django Unchained as well as the comic book adaption of said script. His character was dropped during the final project and was replaced by Billy Crash. He was the trainer for Calvin Candie's slaves who would be forced to engage in fights to death referred to as Mandingo Fighting.

He was intended to be portrayed by either Kurt Russel or Kevin Costner.


Ace first appears when Calvin Candie comes home to Candyland with two other visitors, being the free slave known as Django Freeman as well as his partner, Dr. King Schultz-who seems to be negotiating a sale for one of Calvin's Mandingo fighters. Unbeknownst to any of them, they are in fact bounty hunters and are there to rescue Django's wife, Broomhilda "Hildi" von Shaft who is being kept as a sex slave at Candyland. Once Ace appears, he has a certain group of slaves taken to a pen where they will be sold to the Lequint Dickey mining company. As he examines Calivn's slaves, he shows dissatisfaction in his group, shooting two of them dead, one of which was Calvin's champ, Big Fred, much to Calvin's annoyance. He has the surviving members taken to the arena to do pushups. Should one fail, he would be shot in the head.

After Django and Dr. Schultz's true intentions are discovered, Schultz shoots Calvin Candie dead (getting himself killed in the process) and Django is captured. Once Django wakes up from being hung upside down in a farm to a young black boy, Ace arrives and kicks the boy out, telling Django that while he respects that he did what he did to get his wife back, he still intends to punish him for Calvin's death. Under the orders of Calvin's sister, Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly, Ace attempts to castrate him, but is stopped by Calvin's head slaver, Stephen. Stephen informs him that Lara has changed her mind and intends to give Django to the Lequint Dickey mining company, much to Ace's disappointment.

After Calvin's funeral, Ace, as well as Lara Lee, Stephen, and some of Calvin's friends and slaves, come to Candie's mansion only for it to blow up right in front of them. Django appears, revealing that he had escaped the mining company and intends to kill them in a shoot out. He orders the other slaves, with the exception of Stephen, to leave, and gives every one of them, including Ace, a gun for a sporting chance. Once they're ready to fire, Ace and all the other members of Candyland are shot dead by Django.


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Ace Woody

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